Why G2Max?

Modern Hockey Science Explained

Modern hockey science has changed the way that we evaluate how the game is played.  The modern game bears very little resemblance to the one played ten or even five years ago.   The G2Max program doesn’t just tell you what to do, it explains why you are doing it.  Understanding the “why” is what separates a good player from a great one. The best players adapt as situations change on the ice.  We teach you how to become that adaptive player; the player that the coach calls upon most often.  We teach you how to measure your success in a way that allows you to improve beyond traditional training.


Puck Handling 90%
Fitness 90%
Nutrition 95%
Theory 90%

The G2Max Program

What is it?

Puck Handling

Anyone can stand still and move a ball around with a stick. We show you how to create skills that will translate to the ice and elevate you to the next level.

Be A Better Player

“To go from good to great, it’s all in the details. Everything matters.” – Steve Kerr


Your skill ceiling is determined by your fitness level. G2Max will increase your fitness level as you progress through the program. Higher celing = higher skill.

Be A Better Player

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein


The G2Max program is available for as little as $10 a month. For the price of a snack at the rink you could be improving. You could be becoming a better player!

Be A Better Player

“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.” – Vince Lombardi

Be A Better Player

Elite Hockey Training Made Affordable To Everyone.

Our Vision

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential, not only as a hockey player, but as a person.

Our Goal

To provide an elite hockey training program, affordable to anyone, that will not only help build better hockey players, but better people.

Our Promise

We will create a quality product that is affordable, effective and fun to use.  Our tool is hockey, but our focus is you.

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