Excellence vs Mediocrity

The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment.

Many players fall in love with the idea of becoming great. What I mean by that is they dream of becoming great. They dream of going to the gym and working out every day. They dream of making big plays during their games. They dream of winning championships. They love the “idea” of being great. They see themselves in the gym training all summer to improve for the season, but when summer comes they are nowhere to be found. They would rather hang out with friends, go to the beach, play around or do pretty much anything except work on being great.

Truly great players fall in love with the process of becoming great. Whether they want to or not, they go to the gym. Whether they want to or not, they find a great mentor, a great coach or someone in their life who will help motivate them towards their dreams.

Truly great players create positive habits. They build resilience by fighting through their struggles rather than escaping them or running away from them. Truly great players are focused on the process rather than the result. They know that the results take care of themselves if they simply follow the process.

The process to becoming great isn’t a mystery. It also isn’t always fun. It requires sacrifice.

Whenever you have a decision that will affect your ability to become great ask youself the following question,

“Is what you want MOST more important to you than what you want NOW?”

If you can continually answer that question with a “Yes” then you are moving down the path to greatness.

We ask athletes in our programs to make their beds in the morning. It’s a simple task, but it starts your day in the right direction. You start your day with a “Yes” and often that little bit of momentum carries on through your daily routine. The “Yes” answers add up until they become a tidal wave of force driving you towards your goals.

Are you in love with the “idea” of being great or the “process” of being great?

Do you need help? Just ask! We’re here for you.

Creating great people.
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