The Coaching Continuum

Yesterday I received 73 messages, videos, texts, emails, feedback and questions from young players and their families.

That wasn’t last week or last month… that was yesterday.

These families have moved past the coach – player level of instruction where I ask for something and they do it without question or feedback. At this level the player is just beginning to understand that there is an undercurrent process that is carrying them to their dreams. They are riding along while I steer the boat.

For most of the families I am now a facilitator. We have setup a process that they are working through. I answer questions and provide guidance, but the step of the process that they are working on is clear and they are diligent in their intention to improve. I am gently moving them down their path to their dreams. They understand the why of the process, but are still hesitant to take on the “how” by themselves. They now paddle the boat a bit, but rely on me to hold the rudder and steer.

For some it has become a true feedback loop. I ask questions, analyze and tweak. They make the changes, analyze and give me feedback in a constant loop. This can happen in seconds via the messaging / video in our app or can happen over days as they work through the pieces themselves and come to me when they are stuck. This is the highest level of coaching. The student uses you as a GPS rather than riding along in the back seat. They can now see two or more steps down their path and how the pieces fit together. They understand the how and why of the process. They rely on the coach to see the bigger picture and have the knowledge to know that it will take them where they want to go. The undercurrent process is now a full on riptide. This is where accelerated advancements take place. A player in this state can learn in minutes what takes a player in the facilitator state days or months to learn. The player guides their own ship, but asks for guidance from the coach when the sea is rough.

Parents, players don’t settle for coaches, instructors, fitness assistants or anyone else who can’t show you the big picture, explain it to you and move you to the final stage of the coach – player relationship. If you want to play at the highest level you have no choice but to find someone who understands the path that YOU need to take.

The next time you head to your hockey fitness instructor or skills instructor as yourself these questions….

“Am I exercising or am I training?”

“Am I building on something as part of a plan or am I just going through the motions?”

“Is my instructor genuinely interested in helping me reach my goals or are they just giving me busy work? Do they even know what my goals are?”

The hockey world is filled with talented players who never reached their dreams. There is absolutely no reason to be one of them.

We’re here to help.

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