Long term player development designed for the individual.   These are not your one-size fits all hockey camps.   Expect individual attention and individual analysis that will allow you not only to improve, but to measure that improvement.   Your only competition is you.  We will give you the means to measure how far and how fast you are improving.

We teach our athletes that doubts and fears can only hold them back.  Once they step inside the rink there is no fear and there is no doubt.  Make mistakes and learn from them.

If you would like more information regarding our process or to sign up as a group or individual, please contact us.

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Development Programs

Long Term Development Programs

These programs are built in 8-week stacking segments.  Each player is put through a baselining process to determine their current skill levels and then assited through a program built for them.   At the end of 8-weeks they are tested again and the process is re-tuned to help them achieve the most efficient gains.   We accept a maximum of 20 athletes per session.   Returning players players are given priority, both in entry to the program and on our waiting lists.

All pricing is in Canadian Dollars and includes HST.

Our current programs are all full.   The next segments will begin on September 12th (Girls) and 13th (Boys).   Both programs will run for 8 weeks.  If you are interested in participating please contact us.  These programs will both fill quickly.

Currently running programs

  • July 18th – (2000-04 girls) (Full) 
    • 6:00 – 7:00 PM – every Tuesday for 8 Weeks
    • Rhino Sports – Belleville , Ontario
    • $240 includes HST
  • July 19th – (2005-08 girls) (Full) 
    • Contact Us to Join the Waiting List
    • 6:00 – 7:00 PM – every Wednesday for 8 Weeks
    • Rhino Sports – Belleville, Ontario
    • $240 includes HST

Contact us with questions or to sign up.

Boys’ Program Summer 2017 – (Full)

Our Summer 2017 Boys’ Program is a six-skate program.    Athletes will be baselined during the first skate to measure their current skill and fitness levels.

  • Dates: July 13, 17, 24.   August 3, 10, 14.
  • Venue: Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre
  • All boys’ sessions begin at 7:30 PM,
    except Aug. 14th which begins at 8:00 PM
  • $180 includes HST

Contact us with questions or to sign up.

Video Analysis

Our on-ice programs provide video analysis, both on the ice and online to help participants improve.   Timely feedback is the key to improvement.

Bettering yourself doesn’t stop just because you leave the rink.   We accept video (1 min or less) of your shooting or puck handling practice.   Using the same process and software that we use with our NHL clients we will help you improve your game.

We can also help you by viewing your game video.    What skills should you be working on and why?  Improving tactical and strategic awareness are game components that can only be evaluated properly in a game situation.

All Pricing is in Canadian Dollars and includes HST. 

  • Long Term Player Development Segments (8 hours of ice time) – $240
  • Video Analysis (shooting, puck handling)
    • $30 each
    • 4-Pack for $100
  • Video Analysis (tactics and hockey sense)
    • $40 per session
    • 3-Pack for $100
  • Team Practices, Skills Sessions – Contact Us

For more information, or if you wish to get started, Contact Us.

Your competition is working hard today.  Are you?


Go2TheMax Hockey has provided coaching, leadership and skills instruction to the minor hockey community for over 25 years.    We have been a part of OMHA championships, OWHA Provincial medals and more.   Players we have coached have gone on to play in the NHL, OHL, CIS and NCAA.

We have proudly provided player development and analytics services to the Anaheim Ducks, Nashville Predators, Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Never Miss A Clinic, Camp or Training Opportunity!



If you have questions regarding any of our services (online or on-ice), do not hesitate to contact us.

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