SuperMAX Confidence and Hockey IQ Program

SuperMAX Confidence and Hockey IQ Program (Ontario)
[2 Spots Open] 

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The program being run in the Quinte area is a very small, engaged, elite group.  

(If you are a USA Hockey or Hockey Alberta affiliated player please contact us for information about programs in your area. )

The full program, used by NHL prospects, USA Hockey Development players  and minor hockey players in Ontario, Canada.   It includes both the Confidence Building and Hockey IQ programs.
This is an ONLINE Program.

Next Sessions Begin February 3, 2023

    • Saturday and Sunday mornings
      • Choose the day that suits you best or join both sessions each weekend.
    • Feb 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
    • (Available in March) — March 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31
        • 24 hours of online video instruction and mentoring
        • 84 days of confidence building.
        • Weekly homework (interactive)
        • 9:00 AM Eastern (Saturdays, Sundays or join both sessions)
        • Daily check-ins (optional)
        • Private access to instructors via an app that works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android
        • Performance Anxiety: Helping players manage anxiety and nervousness, which can be a major confidence-killer. Strategies for pre-game anxiety management and in-game composure are covered.
        • Slumps and Streaks: Assist players in overcoming performance slumps and maintaining a positive mindset during performance streaks. Confidence can fluctuate, and managing these variations is critical.
        • Self-Doubt: Build players’ self-belief and self-esteem, enabling them to trust their skills and decisions on the ice.
        • Goal Setting: Teach players how to set achievable goals and create a roadmap for reaching them. Confidence grows when players see tangible progress.
        • Resilience: Develop mental toughness and resilience to help players bounce back from setbacks, losses, and injuries.
        • Focus and Concentration: Improve players’ ability to maintain focus and concentrate during games, which can significantly impact their performance and confidence.
        • Positive Self-Talk: Encourage positive self-talk and eliminate negative thought patterns that can erode confidence.
        • Visualization: Teach visualization techniques to help players mentally rehearse successful plays and situations, boosting confidence when they step onto the ice.
        • Mindfulness and Stress Management: Provide tools for players to manage stress, stay in the moment, and avoid becoming overwhelmed by external pressures.
        • Team Dynamics: Promote positive team interactions and a supportive environment that enhances players’ confidence in their teammates and themselves.
        • Leadership Skills: Equip team leaders and captains with skills to boost team morale and maintain a confident and motivated group.
        • Handling Criticism: Teach players how to process and use constructive feedback to improve rather than letting it negatively affect their confidence.
        • Performance Evaluation: Create a framework for players to objectively evaluate their performance, learn from their mistakes, and maintain confidence.
        • Coping with High-Pressure Situations: Develop strategies for players to remain confident in critical moments, such as penalty shots or overtime.
        • Pre-Game Routine: Establish a consistent pre-game routine that helps players mentally prepare and build confidence leading up to a game.
        • Post-Game Evaluation: Encourage players to reflect on their performance after games, emphasizing the positive aspects and setting goals for improvement.
        • Mental Resilience Training: Provide tools and exercises to improve mental resilience and foster a growth mindset.
        • Communication Skills: Enhance players’ ability to communicate with coaches, teammates, and support staff effectively.

February Program

    • 25 Days of Instruction
    • Feb 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
    • $250 + tax